May shows with Light Bearer / Eurotour almost booked!

A bunch of shows with Light Bearer in May are just confirmed:

26.05 Feierwerk, Munich (Germany) w/ Light Bearer
27.05 Kapu, Linz (Austria) w/ Light Bearer
28.05 Sub, Graz (Austria) w/ Light Bearer
31.05 Lo-Fi, Milano (Italy) w/ Light Bearer

We’re so stoked to share the stage with this awesome band.
All the rest of the tour after the flyers.

The TOUR is almost booked:

25.05 GGS31, Winterthur (Switzerland) w/ Chratzab
26.05 Feierwerk, Munich (Germany) at Doom Fest w/ Light Bearer + BSON + Zippo
27.05 Kapu, Linz (Austria) w/ Light Bearer
28.05 Sub, Graz (Austria) w/ Light Bearer
31.05 Lo-Fi, Milano (Italy) w/ Light Bearer
04.06 XM24, Bologna (Italy) w/ Planks
05.06 Sidro Club, Savignano sul Rubicone (Italy) w/ Planks
06.06 Dauntaun, Milano (Italy) w/ Planks + more
07.06 Molodoi, Strasbourg (France) w/ Strong As Ten + more
08.06 Secret Show, Lille (France) at Anarchist Black Cross Fest w/ Embers + more
09.06 JH Comma, Bruges (Belgium) w/ Year Of No Light + Syndrome + Grown Below + more
10.06 Le Garage, Liège (Belgium) w/ Mörse
11.06 AZ, Aachen (Germany) w/ guest
12.06 Rote Flora, Hamburg (Germany) w/ Thou + Grinding Halt
13.06 TBC Dresden, (Germany)
15.06 TBC Wien, (Austria)

The end of the tour is still open, if you can help out us, please write now at: gottesmorder[at]
We’re looking for some new contacts everywhere! If you’re interested to book us in future, keep in touch!


Another awesome weekend is gone

Another awesome weekend is gone.
After a 21 hours trip, a police perquisition, a quickly show in Italy last night, this morning we’re came back safe at home. This weekend was really awesome, thanks to all who helped out in these days (Davide, Raoul, Mariana, Bernardo, Alex, Elder, René, Matin, Faso, Luca and so on) and to all the bands that shared the stage with us. It would not happen without you, thanks.
Can’t wait to leave again, check our our next euro tour in May and June (Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany) with some shows with Thou, Planks, Light Bearer, Year Of No Light, Embers and many more. Don’t miss it!

March shows – May/June tour!

MARCH 2012
29.03 Sunny Red / Feierwerk, Munich (GER) w/ The Abandoned Door
30.03 UT Connewitz, Leipzig (GER) DOOM OVER LEIPZIG w/ Scott “Wino” Weinrich + White Hills + Downfall Of Gaia
31.03 JUZ, Mannheim (GER) w/ Rise And Fall + The Secret + Oathbreaker + Trainwreck + more
01.04 Pub Fuori Porta, Cremona (Italy) w/ End Of A Season

Poster by:
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MAY – JUNE 2012
25.05 GGS31, Winterthur (Switzerland) w/ guest
26.05 Feierwerk, Munich (Germany) at Doom Fest w/ Light Bearer + BSON + Zippo
28.05 Sub, Graz (Austria) w/ Light Bearer
31.05 Lo-Fi, Milano (Italy) w/ Light Bearer + more
04.06 XM24, Bologna (Italy) w/ Planks
05.06 Sidro Club, Savignano sul Rubicone (Italy) w/ Planks
06.06 Dauntaun, Milano (Italy) w/ Planks + guest
07.06 TBC, Strasbourg (France) w/ guest
08.06 TBC, Lille (France) at Anarchist Black Cross Festival
09.06 JH Comma, Bruges (Belgium) w/ Year Of No Light + Aathma + Grown Below + more
11.06 AZ, Aachen (Germany) w/ guest
12.06 Rote Flora, Hamburg (Germany) w/ Thou + Grinding Halt
13.06 EAST GERMANY help
15.06 SLOVAKIA or AUSTRIA help
16.06 SLOVENIA help

Still some hole in the schedule, if someone is interested, get in touch at: gottesmorder[at]


We are very excited to announce that we will release our upcoming first full-length on ALERTA ANTIFASCISTA RECORDS, before the end of the year.
This awesome label has released some of our favourite records so we’re very proud to work with Timo and his family.
More news will coming during next months.

Official statement from the label:
GOTTESMORDER from Pisa (Italy) are the newest part of the ALERTA ANTIFASCISTA family… hellyeah!!!! thats just amazing… expect their first LP/CD by the end of 2012!!
If you are one of those weirdoes who deeply enjoy tagging and putting labels on everything on this goddamn planet better skip over this band, otherwise you may get your standards seriously collapsed. Oh, how wonderful it would be to leave all these talks about -core and -metal sub-genres behind and simply state that GOTTESMORDER is nothing but purely great and when the note is on you are witnessing the point when all hell breaks loose. And BAM! Everybody got the deal immediately.
What we get by the young and ambitious Italian threesome Gottesmorder is: “It takes some time for each song to take the spaсe as they slowly start their way like a thick and abrasive black mass slowly filling the void with atmospheric and ambientish noises and sounds to lose control then and break away into an intense black metal galloping that seems to be capable of shifting the tectonic plates and forming the cracks in the ground to unleash the «abyss of throats». The word galloping here is used actually expressly to underline the impression from the song structures by this ungodly act as they may be paralleled with a wounded battle horse movement chased by the flock of vultures. Post-rock passages unhurriedly making their way towards something nasty, bleeding by every step, are suddenly crashed to form a rushing black-metal race for revenge and salvation on the tops of the gloomy hills, with a battle cry of vocal clinging to a more hardcore side of things, that actually makes the Pisa’s spawn stand out even more from the dominance of the atmospheric post-rock influenced black metal bands today. If it’s found hard to draw up something in your mind on the essence of the record after all the chaotic epithets and metaphors provided before, well just imagine an intelligent post-metal band sacrificing to the evil spirits in the murky thickets of Cascadian forests in the lights of the crescent moon. As a result we have a treatment for those eaters enjoying the dishes by agrimonia meets wolves in the throne room meets…. I repeat… no need here to compare, tag or label any segment of GOTTESMORDER! give it a listen and it will crawl up in your guts to count every bone and blood cell of your body and live you exhausted.

HERE you can check all past and future Alerta Antifascista’s records.

Le Crepuscule Du Soir Productions / Doom Over Leipzig Fest

First post of 2012 and a couple of great news!

We are very excited to announce that Le Crepuscule Du Soir Productions will release our first EP in Digipack CD in the next winter months. Check out this amazing french label with some great stuff like blackmetal, drone, doom, blackened crust and so on. More details soon.

The second great news is our participation at DOOM OVER LEIPZIG FEST in Leipzig (Germany), we’ll play with the legend of doom Scott “Wino” Weinrich, White Hills and Downfall Of Gaia. Totally incredible. So, we’re looking for some shows at the end of march:

29.03 @ GER / Munich or Stuttgart or Nurnberg or around
31.03 @ GER / Munich or Stuttgart or Nurnberg or around
01.04 @ ITA / North ITALY

If you know someone who could be interested, PLEASE keep in touch!

At last but not least, two new italian interviews: (ITA), thanks to Nunzio! (ITA), thanks to Simone!

And don’t miss this, first show of the year:

THE SECRET (post hardcore furies – Trieste – on Southern Lord Rec.)
LENTO (sludge / dronish post harcore – Roma – on Denovali Rec.)
STALKER (darkly post hardcore – ex Kafka – Genova)
GOTTESMORDER (post black metal – Pisa)
OHME (post hardcore / punk / sludge – Livorno)
MAJAK (math / post harcore – Genova)
6th January @ R.D.A MAYDAY C.S.O.A, via delle pianazze 29, LA SPEZIA, Italy

That’s all.

Back home

Back home from our first mini euro tour. Totally incredible. We’d like to thanks all the people we met on the road, expecially Davide from Iconoclast Records (best driver ever!), Paolo at Uwaga Squat in Zurich, our insane friends Rorcal (we miss you too), the guys at the practice room in Karlsruhe (awesome show, no words), Matin at Oetinger Villa in Darmstadt, Ralph and Planks, all the guys in Ghost of Wem, Milo and all the guys at SGA in Milan. Thank you.

CVLT Nation Sonic Cathedrals Vol. XXIII, curated by GOTTESMORDER

Sonic Cathedrals Vol. XXIII, curated by GOTTESMORDER.
Artwork by View From The Coffin.

CVLT Nation is radically excited to announce that the Sonic Cathedrals Mixtape Series Vol. XXIII Curated by GOTTESMORDER goes live today! GOTTESMORDER curated a mixtape that is packed with 19 killer dark anthems. With this mix, they handle business the same way they did with the with their 2011 EP – loads of organic emotion, and they truly created sonic art with their song selection. Now read what GOTTESMORDER has to say about their mixtape below, download Sonic Cathedrals Vol. XXIII after the jump, & blast this audio battle beyond loud…RIDE ON THE RAVEN’S WINGS INTO THE SUN!

This is a trip of the most peculiar kind – inside of our collective experiences and lives. It includes metal, crust, ambient, harsh, lo-fi music and ominous atmospheres. Part of this mixtape is an emanation of our juvenile night time visions. The other part is the soundscape shared by heavy omens, millenarist tensions to come and gloom of the dark age. Sometimes these two parts become one. In a similar fashion we’d love to suggest not just black metal, but anything that has been blackened.

1. Ulver – Kapitel V: Bergtatt – Ind I Fjeldkamrene (00:00:00), from “Bergtatt – Et Eeventyr i 5 Capitler”
2. Planks – Long Live Depravity (00:06:45), from “The Darkest of Grays“
3. Prurient – Returning Truth (00:11:05), from “And Still, Wanting”
4. Urfaust – Vom Gesicht und Rätsel (00:14:32), from “Der Freiwillige Bettler”
5. DeZafra Ridge – Black Mass (00:22:32), from “DeZafra Ridge”
6. Ättestupa – Änglamakerskan (00:30:51), from “Utmarken Compilation”
7. Bathory – Hades (00:37:33), from “Bathory”
8. Circle Of Ouroborus – Shadows Lead (00:40:28), from “Eleven Fingers”
9. Ash Borer – Rest, You Are the Lightning (00:47:13), from “Ash Borer LP”
10. Burial Hex – Go Crystal Tears (00:54:58), from “Burial Hex / Zola Jesus – Split LP”
11. Graad – Every Night We Set Fires (00:59:32), from “Graad EP”
12. Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore – Grave Wisdom (6:33) – Black Earth – 01:02:51
13. Locrian – Obsidian Facades (01:09:05), from “The Crystal World”
14. Mount Eerie – Lost Wisdom pt. 2 (01:16:36), from “Wind’s Poem”
15. Nortt – Af Døde (01:21:31), from “Galgenfrist”
16. Burial – NYC (01:28:30), from “Street Halo EP”
17. K11 / Pietro Riparbelli – 18=IH (01:35:45), from “Metaphonic Portrait 1230 A.D.”
18. Madame Germen – O Mecanismo Do Medo (01:40:15), from “As Cicatrizes Do Paraiso”
19. Rorcal – from 52 to 61 (01:44:05), from “Heliogabalus”

Download here.